Hydroclimatology Lab

Research methods

We are conducting atmospheric-hydrologic studies combining several research methods such as data analysis, field observation, laboratory experiments, and numerical simulations. Our main targets and focusing regions are; changes in atmospheric-terrestrial water cycles under current global warming in the Arctic and sub-Arctic regions; changes in precipitation activities in Asia; and detection of anthropogenic effects on the Antarctic climate.

Research fields

Our research fields are all over the world, from the tropics to the polar regions (Arctic and Antarctic regions).

In particular, we are trying to elucidate how climate change affect for changes in vegetation activities and/or land surface conditions, and consequently, how the water and carbon cycles respond to such changes.

Spring water survey in Mongolia (Prof. Hiyama’s project)
Field expedition to the inland Antarctica (Prof. Kurita’s project)
Observation site in the Himalayas (Lecturer. Fujinami’s project)

We welcome you who interested in multi-scale (regional- and global-scale) water and carbon cycles.