Laboratory of Hydroclimatology

Institute for Space-Earth Environmental Research,
Nagoya University

What’s New

Designated Assistant Professor Hirohiko Nagano joined our laboratory

The new fiscal year has come. The cherry blossoms in Nagoya University are blooming beautifully. From April 2020, Dr. Hirohiko Nagano is a member of our laboratory as a designated assistant professor. “Member” has been updated so please check it out.

Graduates in March, 2020

Ms. Yang Bai graduates from our laboratory.Congratulations!And thank you.We hope for your great success in your future from the bottom of our heart.

Mr. Shohei Morino participated in the winter training for Antarctic observations and snow camp !

Mr. Shohei Morino (M1), a member of our laboratory, participated in the winter training for the 62nd Antarctica Regional Observation Corps (March 1-5), and snow camp hosted by the Japanese Society of Snow and Ice (March 8-10, 2020). As the 62nd Antarctic Regional Observation Corps, Mr. Morino will depart for Antarctica in November.Preparations for Antarctica […]


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